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Três Tentos Agroindustrial S/A started its commercial activities in the year 1995.
Operating in the market with the purpose of being a solutions company and support in agribusiness, the company has 27 units distributed among the cities of Santa Bárbara do Sul, Saldanha Marinho, Ibirubá, Panambi, Ijuí, Pejuçara, Boa Vista do Cadeado, Eugênio de Castro, Mauá, Coronel Barros, Condor, Entre-Ijuís, São Luiz Gonzaga, Giruá, Fortaleza dos Valos, Jóia, Capão do Cipó, Catuípe, Pelotas, Bagé, Camaquã, Dom Pedrito e Cachoeira do Sul. In addition, the company operates in Mato Grosso by way of 4 Ventos Agroindustrial S/A.
Producing seeds, which is its pioneering activity, by means of a constant partnership with farmers, Três Tentos Agroindustrial S/A grew and conquered its space in the Brazilian agribusiness market.
The mission of the company is to work in the production, processing and trading of agricultural products, providing technical and business advice by way of a permanent relationship of professionalism, ethics and trust with its customers. Três Tentos receives, commercializes and industrializes grains, resells defensives and fertilizers and offers technical and commercial assistance with qualified professionals.
Três Tentos exports soybeans, corn, wheat, soybean bran and soybean oil to countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia
"To work in the agribusiness chain seeking profitability, sustainability and growth."
"To be a company of solutions in agribusiness."
"To work in the production, processing and commercialization of agricultural products, providing technical and comercial assistence by a permanent relationship of trust."
Av. Principal, 187 - Caixa postal 41
Santa Bárbara do Sul / RS - Cep: 98240-000
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