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Research, Development and Innovation Department

With the growing demand for results, it is necessary to restructure the current technical and scientific assistance and support model. The Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) team develops hundreds of experiments with a “multi crop” vision to deliver integrated and personalized solutions to the company's commercial technical department and to the farmer. All experimental development is carried out at the Technological Center (CETEC) in Santa Bárbara do Sul, in the Pelotas Research Pole, Santa Maria and Entre-Ijuís areas and in commercial crops distributed in the region covered by the company. Through the relationship with researchers and publications in congresses, we interact with the scientific community, validate concepts elaborated regionally and build new projects. In this way, we guarantee the quality of the work and analyzes carried out.

Oriented to the technique based on pre-existing knowledge, the research, which can be basic or applied, aims to test, evaluate and reinvent management, processes, products and services, extending the entire chain, anticipating scenarios, proving and demonstrating the viability technical and functional. Innovation happens through the conception of a new product or process, in the characterization and aggregation of new functionalities or characteristics that promote gains in quality and productivity.

Moreover we operate to achieve experimental development, realizing systematic jobs designed from pre-set knowledge, aiming to prove technical and functional viability of products, processes, systems, services or, even more, improvement of those already implemented. 

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Referência: 14/05/2021
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[CBOT] Arroz 13,42 13,33 -0.22%
[CBOT] Farelo 431,5 423,5 0.00%
[CME Milk Futures] Leite 18,87 18,99 18,87 18,98 18,88 -0.79%
[CBOT] Milho 692,5 718,75 685 717,25 685 -4.73%
[CBOT] Óleo de Soja 68,59 68,41 +0.54%
[CBOT] Soja 1602,5 1625 1620,75 1625 1603,75 -0.53%
[CME Lean Hog Futures] Suínos 111,15 111,575 111,15 111,45 111,15 -0.29%
[CBOT] Trigo 737 730,25 727,25 730,25 727,25 +0.10%
Referência: 13/05/2021
Produto Último Máxima Mínima Abertura Fechamento
[CME Milk Futures] Leite 18,95 19,1 18,94 19,05 19,03
[CBOT] Arroz 13,765 13,36
[CBOT] Farelo 424,7 448 427 448 423,5
[CME Lean Hog Futures] Suínos 111,475 111,925 111,2 111,775 111,475
[CBOT] Soja 1612 1657 1598 1657 1612,25
[CBOT] Milho 729 776,5 709,75 757,5 719
[CBOT] Óleo de Soja 69,05 71,91 70,85 70,85 68,04
[CBOT] Trigo 730 756,5 737 750 726,5
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