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App 3tentos
Application developed by 3tentos focusing convenience and management of rural producers.

The application includes several features, such as agronomic weather forecasting, agricultural calculators, grain prices, electronic document signature, 3tentos product offers, digital certificate compatibility and much more.
App 3tentos + Nota Fiscal Eletrônica
The App 3tentos is the only one in Brazil where it is possible to sell the stored production remotely using NF-e. And the pioneer in the issuance of NF-e for delivery of grain production, replacing the rural producer block and helping the producer to adapt to tax requirements and obligations.

All of this via the 3tentos App and with a direct connection to the 3tentos units.
3tentos has an exclusive team focused on issuing the ICP-Brasil Digital Certificate to its customers. With the digital certificate , the customer can issue an electronic invoice via the 3tentos App.

The issuance and instruction for using the Digital Certificate obeys the guidelines of Provisional Measure 2.200-2 and the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), thus guaranteeing security and agility in digital operations.
The partner portal is the WEB tool of the rural producer and is directly connected to the 3tentos Application. In the partner portal, the farmer enables his digital certificate for use in the App 3tentos and consults reports and information for the management of his crop.
Remote agronomic monitoring platform, using satellite images to monitor the vegetable health of soybeans, corn, wheat and rice, by NDVI and NDRE.

With Terra3, the 3tentos consultant indicates the best management for the crop, through the Personalized Assistance Program (PAP) that allows to collect, analyze and correlate the field research data and deliver to the farmer an intelligent management program to be used each plot of the field.
Developed by Agência Jung

Inscrição PAP Digital Versão BETA

O PAP é uma ferramenta desenvolvida por consultores 3tentos para produtores rurais
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[CBOT] Arroz 13,765 13,36
[CBOT] Farelo 424,7 448 427 448 423,5
[CME Lean Hog Futures] Suínos 111,475 111,925 111,2 111,775 111,475
[CBOT] Soja 1612 1657 1598 1657 1612,25
[CBOT] Milho 729 776,5 709,75 757,5 719
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