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Chain of solidarity: partners join 3tentos in helping families in Rio Grande do Sul

The union between employees, suppliers, customers, investors, the community and other partners has allowed 3tentos to carry out a series of actions in favor of flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul.

On May 2, the company began collecting and distributing the first emergency donations to the affected municipalities and, in the following days, 3tentos commercial units became collection points for receiving donations. However, it was already possible to understand that the effects of the tragedy would be unprecedented, requiring joint work for a long time.

With the aim of raising resources and directing them, in a transparent way, towards the reconstruction of the State, 3tentos launched the Semper Parceiros pelo RS campaign. By May 24th, the initiative had already raised R$900,000, of which R$500,000 was donated by 3tentos and R$400,000 received through partners.

The mobilization around the Semper Parceiros pelo RS campaign also involved more than 50 3tentos employees, who worked directly in volunteering actions, and enabled the collection and logistics of more than 10 trucks with donations.

In cooperation with the community, 3tentos has been supporting on-site actions, such as land trains with donations and help for isolated areas, partnerships with flying clubs to send emergency aid to people in difficult-to-access areas, the production of ready-to-eat food and medical logistics and transport of medicines.

Solidarity chain

All of these actions were only possible thanks to the generosity, commitment and commitment of each person who got involved in the campaign, making a difference at such a difficult time for Rio Grande do Sul.

The campaign will remain active in the coming months, enabling the collection of donations to offer prolonged support to affected communities, in addition to continuing to raise financial resources to subsidize reconstruction actions. 3tentos also reinforced its commitment to maintaining continuous support, as new needs arise from employees and their affected families, in addition to continuing to engage partners in aid initiatives.

Donations can be made via pix
Follow the rendering of accounts on the website:

*All data used was provided by the Semper Parceiros Committee for RS and refers to the accounting carried out on 05/24/24

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