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Aiming to generate intelligent content to agribusiness and to share the reality of our market, we have launched with our new website the Triblog. Through here and through our social medias you can be informed by periodical posts about agriculture in our region.


La Niña phenomenon brings irregular rain to soybeans in Rio Grande do Sul

NOAA, the North American Agency for Meteorology and Oceanography, indicates that the chance of the formation of a new La Niña phenomenon is increasing. Currently, there is an 80% probability that we will have the cooling of the Pacific Ocean between late spring 2021 and early summer 2022.

Chemical management and climatic conditions for the occurrence of FHB in wheat

Complementary application of nitrogen in wheat, why use it?

The proper use of nutrients ensures an increase in crop productivity, as any imbalance in the amount or availability of macro or micronutrients negatively impacts crop productivity.

What are biological products and how to manage them in corn?

Today, it is known that good management integrates several aspects, in particular the inclusion of biological products, which, in addition to efficiency, add to sustainability and agricultural revitalization.

Irrigated rice: The importance of using pre-emergent herbicides

The initial management of the crop is essential for high yields, it must be thought of as a system that encompasses well-defined planning and actions.

What is seed analysis, how is it done and why?

The seed laboratory is the quality assurance center. The seed represents an indispensable input in the production system, being the protagonist of technological innovations, with this quality being the basis for obtaining good yields, whether due to physical, physiological or sanitary factors.

Soybeans: shall we plan the crop?

The sowing time is approaching, farmers are getting ready to start implementing a series of important practices that must be observed for the success of their crops.

Corn leafhopper: what are the symptoms, how to identify and control them

The corn leafhopper (Dalbulus maidis) has been causing great damage to corn producers in Rio Grande do Sul, no longer being a problem only in other regions.

How does online grain fixation work and what are the advantages?

Time has always been and will always be our scarcest resource. In agriculture it is no different. Making processes increasingly agile and practical is an activity to be thought about every day. To 3tentos partners, we offer a unique, agile and practical way of commercializing grains: online sales via the 3tentos app.

What is Digital Certificate, what is it for and what are the benefits

If the subject is agility and economy, we cannot fail to talk about the Digital Certificate, a very important tool to help rural producers, which brings security and practicality.

Know how to prepare for maize cultivation and what precautions to take

The new corn crop has already started, among the main decision decisions are the choice of hybrids, fertility management, weeds and pests.Another decisive aspect for reaping good results is the plantability of the crop, which includes aspects such as sowing speed and depth, soil moisture and the correct choice of discs and rings for planting. 

Ryegrass: what it is, characteristics and how to control ryegrass in wheat

A new crop of wheat is approaching and along with it, doubts arise in the field of how to manage weeds effectively. And when we come to this subject, the first wheat invader to be remembered without a doubt is ryegrass. But why is ryegrass year after year of concern among farmers? Check out our text and stay on top of the subject.

Wheat: care in implanting the crop

To seek the best results of a crop we need to know the steps and processes involved, when we do not achieve the expected result it is necessary to investigate the causes. For this, we evaluate possible climatic variations, we analyze the position of the cultivar, management of fertilizers and / or crop protectors, as well as we need to be attentive to the execution of the processes. But to avoid potential problems with wheat, what should we do?

Commodities and market outlook for 2021

After the fall in the second quarter of 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, commodity prices started to recover, reaching expressive values on world exchanges, supported by the strengthening of demand. In the global scenario of soy, for example, what is observed is a production lower than consumption.

Weather trends for winter 2021

La Niña is over, but atmosphere has not yet come.

In May, the American Meteorological and Oceanographic Agency (NOAA) said that La Niña, a phenomenon that brought a lot of drought to central and southern Brazil in 2020, had ended. We are now under climate neutrality, without La Niña and also without a La Niña phenomenon. The point is that due to the changes for winter, it seems that the Brazilian atmosphere doesn't know about it yet.

Urea in Wheat: Why and When to Apply Nitrogen?

Agribusiness in 2021: what to expect for the next 6 months?

We arrived in the middle of 2021 and a lot has happened in our agro market. Let's take a brief look back, looking mainly at the soybean and corn market?

Fungicides: program for good wheat production

In order to obtain a good wheat production, in general, an adequate plant population is necessary, considering the cultivar and environmental conditions, location, sowing time and level of investment in fertilization, nutrition and phytosanitary maintenance.

What is agricultural insurance and what are the benefits?

Natural phenomena are unpredictable. Some adverse weather conditions, such as hail, frost, heavy rains and droughts can cause great damage. For this reason, agricultural insurance works as a financial security device for rural properties.

4 take-aways to explore the greatest productive potential through seeds

October 12, should I sow?

Asian Soybean Rust Spores are found in Rio Grande do Sul

Green soybean seed, red quality alert.

Vegetation Indexes, how to use them in Agriculture

Public-private partnership expands research and recommends alternatives for controlling the kuru in soy

Limestone, sulfur and boron in the off-season: management for high yields

To obtain high yields on agricultural crops, numerous strategies can be adopted at different times of the year. When we talk about soil correction and maintenance, mainly for calcium, sulfur and boron, the off-season is one of the most appropriate periods to adopt technical strategies with systemic impact.

Rural credit, what is it, how does it work and who can apply?

Agriculture is one of the main economic activities in the field, being considered one of the branches that most promotes the economy of Brazil and the world. In order for this activity to develop to its full potential, a series of factors is necessary that, together, make this gear run. One of them is credit, especially Rural Credit.

The importance of soybean production for the Brazilian energetic matrix

Agriculture in Motion

The State of Rio Grande do sul in the United States!

"Completely redesigned, Agritour 3Tentos toured the US producing region, visiting states in the South and Midwest. Soybean, corn, rice, cotton, and beef cattle crops were the theme at the 11th edition of Agritour, which had 29 gaucho producers! "

Sowing ideas and cultivating knowledge

The game is going to start!!

Soybean meal: best source of protein for animal feed

Knowledge is the way

Casa 3Tentos in Expoijuí: a space to show the diversity of agriculture

Welcome to the new WebSite 3Tentos!

3Tentos once more take actions to be closer to its partners. In a totally renewed, morden and functional interface, we can share our solutions and generate intelligent content through our new website. Welcome! 

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